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digital intelligence – driving your success

We have decided to consolidate what have been, up to now, three business areas into one new one: Digital Intelligence for data-driven decisions that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of digital channels and marketing investments.

In the process, we link our experience in digital business processes to our technical expertise. Together with our customers, we jointly define goals and determine indicators to check them, evaluate data and visualize them, measure success and develop ways to increase it.

We are currently revising our website, so that this focus will also be visible soon. Until then, we would be pleased to personally present our concepts to you. Contact us!


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Our Services

digital intelligence – enabling data-driven decisions.

data management

Automated data integration processes for both online and offline sources creating an accurate and comprehensive foundation for analysis.

omni-channel analytics

Analytics services across all platforms and devices enabling a 360-view on customer behavior.

data visualisation

Interactive real-time dashboards enabling data-driven decisions to optimise digital channels and marketing investments.

performance optimisation

Optimisation of marketing activities and -channels for a sustainable business success.

more details following soon…

Our team

The faces behind our solutions.
Ferhat Balta

Ferhat Balta

Digital Analyst

Philipp Grossenbacher

Philipp Grossenbacher

Founder & Managing Director

Adrian Keller

Adrian Keller

Digital Marketing Lead

Martin Peraic

Martin Peraic

Information Technology Architect & Developer

Marco Roccioletti

Marco Roccioletti

Data & Analytics Director

Jonas Sieber

Jonas Sieber

Executive Director

Jochen Werner

Jochen Werner

Application Architect & Developer

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